In Las Vegas and Henderson we are fortunate enough to have calm and mostly dry weather year round. During the times of the year when the day’s hot temperatures give way to cooler evenings, its a great opportunity to spend more time outdoors. You may have a perfect backyard patio that you’d like to be a gathering space for family and friends but it’s missing the amenities of indoor living. With the additional of power supplies as well as decorative and functional outdoor lighting, Penny Electric has helped turn many yards into more useful and comfortable living spaces.

Electrical outlets and lighting are the basis of any custom patio. We can install power outlets where you would like to build your modern backyard kitchen or barbecue island. To enjoy your outdoor space at night, you will also need to consider your lighting options, as the standard outdoor porch lights commonly mounted on older homes are inadequate. Switch operated lighting fixtures can be mounted overhead on a trellis or overhang right where you want them. We can also run wiring for landscape lighting to produce dramatic effects and create a more beautiful night time experience.

Other options to consider for backyard renovation include outdoor home theater and speaker systems. Ceiling fans and even electric heaters can be installed along sitting spaces for added comfort. Backyard fish ponds with waterfalls or fountains can enhance ambiance and backyard aesthetics. As a specialist in Pool and Spa Electrical, Penny Electric also assist with all related water pumps, heaters, and underwater lighting.

While it is usually dry in Southern Nevada, we do occasionally see wind and rain that could damage typical indoor electronics. TV and sound system components must be certified for outdoor use and correctly mounted where they are protected. All lighting and electrical infrastructure must also be able to withstand the elements. Penny Electric has the expertise and experience to ensure that all residential outdoor electrical installations meet and exceed the required safety requirements and certifications, to ensure for lasting use and safe operation at your home.

Updating the outdoor areas of your property is a great way to expand your usable square footage, increase your property value, and enjoy the great outdoors. We source and stock the appropriate electrical fixtures and components and employ the proper install methods that will keep the moisture and dust at bay. Please contact us for any additional pricing and information regarding your outdoor electrical needs.