With advancements in generator technology, the increasing dependency on power and frequent problems with infrastructure that are making blackouts a more common problem, backup generators are in increased demand for both home and office applications. 

With a permanently installed backup generator, a home or business can still have uninterrupted essential power in the event of the blackout. Generators work by automatically starting an internal combustion motor that creates its own power when a drop in your normal supply is detected. Generators typically run on either natural gas or Liquid Propane (LP) fuels, and in most cases are installed outside of a home or business just like a central air conditioning system. Backup generators are a low maintenance, dependable and cost effective way to ensure your home or business can operate without interruption in your essential power supply whenever there is a problem with the normal power supply.

When a generator powers on, power is immediately restored to your electrical system. Depending on the needs of your home or office, the generator can either just power essential items, or larger generators are available to maintain normal power use without restriction. 

The professionals at Penny Electric are available to help you select the best generator for your application based on typical power consumption and overall requirements. From sales to installation, we can simplify the entire process and as an authorized installer and a licensed electrician, you can have the confidence that your investment will be dependable and trouble free.

Penny Electric is an authorized Generac Dealer offering sales, installation and support. In conjunction with Generac, we can also install and service Kohler and Onan / Cummins brand generators.

For more information on generator sales and pricing, please contact our office at 702.279.6040 or request a quote online. For additional tips and information on how home backup generators work, please visit our blog.