Hiring a competent and properly qualified Las Vegas / Henderson commercial electrician for your office or place of business is imperative to ensuring that your day to day operations continue reliably.  Fast response time, proper tooling, up to date training and proper materials is why Penny Electric is Las Vegas, Nevada’s preferred commercial service provider. And with a thorough understanding of commercial electrical needs ranging from industrial to casinos to offices to restaurants, Penny Electric will keep your business running safely and without interruption.

Penny Electric is fully equipped to handle all forms of commercial electrical projects for both small and large businesses. We can assist businesses with ground up electrical projects, equipment installations, building remodels and all types of troubleshooting and electrical repairs. Penny Electric also protects your business with 24×7 Emergency services and code compliancy by obtaining the proper plans, permits, inspections and approvals as required within the Las Vegas, Henderson and surrounding areas.

Notice of Violation Repairs (N.O.V.’s)

A Notice of Violation (NOV) is issued for commercial electrical problems when there is a compliance problem with the installation or status of commercial electrical fixtures. NOV’s typically offer business owners the opportunity to correct the problem and informed the regulatory organization who issued the violation notice of the completed repairs performed.

Penny Electric can assist businesses who have received Notice of Violation repair orders due to code violations, improper electrical design, and permitting problems. We stay informed on all Las Vegas, Henderson and Nevada regulations, construction practices and building codes, and know how to properly identify and repair electrical work for compliance with state, county and city regulations. At Penny Electric we also understand the importance and cost ramifications of project deadlines and always utilize best practice to finish projects on time while maintaining the highest electrical quality standards.

Penny Electric can also assist businesses and commercial construction projects with the re-certification procedure to ensure N.O.V. projects are repaired correctly and legal to move forward.

Electrical Troubleshooting

Finding electrical problems can be extremely time consuming, costing businesses money in both lost operational revenue and diagnostic fees. As a large, full service electrician, Penny Electric utilizes our collective knowledge base and modern diagnostic equipment to quickly and efficiently diagnose electrical problems to get your business back online.

Penny Electric can assist with the identification and repair of any commercial electrical problems. Our licensed electricians have a strong understanding of both the workings and safety involved in commercial electrical, and can efficiently troubleshoot any range of electrical issues at your office or place of business including partial power loses, lighting problems, outlets and GFIs, panels, controls, breakers, circuitry, battery’s, grounds, motors, pumps and complex or specialized machinery.

Commercial troubleshooting and electrical repair is available on a 24 hour emergency basis, and with an in-house parts and repair inventory our commercial teams are typically available to troubleshoot and complete repairs on the same trip to minimize businesses down time.

Ground-Up Electrical

Penny Electric offers ground-up electrical design and installation services for commercial construction projects of all scope and sizes. We accommodate builds ranging from small offices to large multi-floor buildings and can manage the entire process of electrical projects from the pre-construction to the final permitting phases.

Our licensed and trained commercial electrician teams are able to assist with the planning and installation of interior / exterior lighting, voice & data installation, security systems, telecommunication and data cabling, industrial motor controls / VFD, surge protection and specialty power requirements.

Penny Electric is able to accommodate high-rise and multi-floor installations including hotels, casinos, corporate spaces, office buildings, hospitals, manufacturing plants, apartment buildings, warehouses and any other specialized commercial application. All ground-up electrical design and construction by Penny Electric includes a full 1 year warranty and is guaranteed to pass all levels of local permitting and compliance.

Tenant Improvements

Commercial building improvements require proper planning and care when trying to meet deadlines and minimize any tenant disruptions. At Penny Electric we work closely with business and developers to ensure that all deadlines are kept and that all tenant requirements are properly met.

Penny Electric is available to assist with all levels of electrical improvements and remodels. Our licensed electricians understand not only the rigorous scheduling but also budget requirements that often go along with electrical remodels. Our commercial electrician crews work closely with property management teams, investors and property owners to make sure all work performed meets their demands and timelines.

As a full service commercial electrician, Penny Electric can assist with everything from new constructions to general wiring and outlet additions. For business and property owners looking to update buildings, our commercial teams are available to assist with component recommendations and installation of energy efficient lighting and panel upgrades.

Most importantly, Penny Electric will always ensure that all tenant improvements are performed to the highest quality standards to protect your investment and minimize liabilities with tenants, clients or buyers.

Commercial Parking Lot Lighting

Proper parking lot and building perimeter lighting is often the first impression for a retail location. The placement of your businesses lighting guides clients to your storefront and illuminates any potential hazards to reduce liabilities. In conjunction with the safety and security of your employees and customers, proper outdoor lighting levels are often necessary for compliance with local and state laws. Penny Electric understands all of these components and will ensure that your outdoor lighting meets all of the above standards.

Parking Lot Lighting Installation: Penny Electric can assist with the installation of both decorative or practical parking lot lighting applications up for 45′ in height. While higher lighting placement is often better suited for visibility, shorter ornamental lighting can significantly improve the aesthetics of your storefront. The technicians at Penny Electric can assist throughout the entire installation process, from lighting placement recommendations to ensuring that all work is within the regulatory constraints of your local and state jurisdictions.

Parking Lot Lighting Maintenance: The proper maintenance and inspection of outdoor lighting fixtures will guarantee a longer service life for outdoor lighting fixtures in the hot Las Vegas climate. Penny Electric can assist with bulb replacement or just routing checkups to make sure your lights are safe and up to code.

Parking Lot Lighting Repairs: If you have a parking lot lighting issue that is beyond standard maintenance or bulb replacement, Penny Electric can help diagnose and repair any and all outdoor lighting problems regardless of extent. With 24 hour emergency service available, we can also keep your parking lot lit after standard working hours to keep your business online and customers safe.

Penny Electric is available to help with any size light lighting project from large malls to small retail business location. Our commercial electricians use and install the correct lighting components for Las Vegas climate to ensure both longevity and reliability, and all installations are properly planned and executed to provide the correct level of lighting for your for parking lot, building perimeter and outdoor lighting location.