There are several ways to save energy. Many apply to winter or summer and most are obvious, such as turning lights off when you leave a room. However, we want to share some additional energy saving tips that can have a substantial impact on your power bill year round – the tips that power companies don’t want you to know.

#1: Proper Use of a Digital Thermostat

While many will stop at the advice to replace older, non-adjustable thermostats with modern programmable systems, it’s also important to understand how to use them correctly. Simply turning climate control systems off during certain times of the day may be less efficient than you think. Penny Electric has evaluated manufacturer recommendations & Energy Star research to determine the best practice of setting Digital Thermostats which can be seen here.

#2: Wash Clothes on Cold

It’s going to be better for your electric bill if take advantage of any opportunity to wash your clothes in cold water. In most cases and with standard washes its going to have a minimal impact on cleanliness, but it can have a significant impact on hot water usage and energy savings. Considering approximately 75% of the expense doing laundry is heating the water – this is an easy way to cut costs.

#3: Adjust Water Heater Throughout the Year

Did you know that you can adjust the settings on your water heater? provides a complete video on how to do it. The energy savings can add up to more than 22% throughout the year. Many manufacturers set water heater thermostats to 140°F automatically. However, for water to feel comfortably warm the heater only needs to be set at 120°F – and this 20° can add up quickly over the course of a year. Furthermore the extreme temperature averages in Las Vegas allow many to make seasonable adjustments. During the hot summer months hot water doesn’t loose as much heat while traveling through pipes, consequently it takes less effort to maintain temperatures between water heaters and your shower or faucet.

#4: Look for EnergyStar

There are a lot of different EnergyStar appliances across the market, including refrigerators, washing machines, and dishwashers. These are designed to use less water and energy and also control the amount of time that they run. Additionally, some will run longer, but at a lower energy level, thus saving you money.

#5: Have Dryer Vents Cleaned

You may be very good about cleaning out the lint trap in your dryer after every load. However, lint is going to accumulate in the back of your dryer, throughout the vents, and all the way to where it exits your home. Cleaning out the dryer vents once every year or so (depending on usage levels) will ensure that your dryer is operating efficiently. It will also allow dryers that run on automatic settings (sensing when clothes are dry) to run shorter cycle times. If you notice your dryer is running longer, or that you have to cycle some loads a second time to get everything dry, it’s a good indication that you might need to check your dryer exhaust vents and consider this service.

#6: Zeroscape Your Property

You can choose to use the desert landscape in Las Vegas to your benefit by creating a zero scape. This is where you will eliminate grass and use sand or gravel. Substituting grass with rock or desert plants means little to zero need for irrigation systems. In Southern Nevada, rebates in the amount of up to $2 per sq foot are also available when replacing grass with desert landscape. For more information on these rebates available from the SNWA, and for tips on landscape design and rebate applications, click here.

#7: Flush Your Water Heater

Learning how to flush a water heater is a great way to save you some money throughout the year. Over time, salt and sediment gathers in the bottom of your water heater. If it isn’t flushed on a regular basis, it calcifies along the walls, in pipes and in water valves. Sediment on the bottom of the tank can also increase the amount of time needed for the water to heat up, which is going to cost you more in electricity.

#8: Lease Solar Panels

Many people believe you have to purchase solar panels, which can be an expensive undertaking that doesn’t have an initial money saving result associated with it. However, you do have the ability to lease solar panels, and with the desert sun, you can accumulate a significant amount of energy without having to install a large number of panels. This process provides you with an opportunity to rely less heavily on the electric company for power, reducing your energy bill. Like zerocape, solar also offers some tax credits and rebates in the Las Vegas and southern NV area as an incentive to upgrade. For more information on solar, including cost saving estimates and providers, click here.

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