If you’re like most Las Vegas homeowners, you may not give much thought regarding the type of hot water heater you should have, but this is important. Are you growing weary from running out of hot water? Do you need to upgrade your water heater? Here are some of the reasons you need an electric on-demand tankless water heater, along with how we can help you.


Maybe you’ve heard of tankless on-demand water heaters, also known as “demand-type” water heaters, but may not understand what they are. Just as its name suggests, an electric tankless on-demand water heater heats the water in your household only on demand or when you need it.

These water heaters do not use a storage tank, working instantaneously. When you turn on the hot water tap, the water that’s in your pipes comes into the water heater, then enters through a heat exchanger. Thus, the primary difference between a traditional water heater and a tankless water heater is that the tankless water heater runs on-demand.


Space saver

Because these water heaters do not have a tank, they’re considerably smaller, so less space is needed. In fact, the standard tankless tank measures 28 inches by 10 inches as compared to a traditional tank that is roughly 60 inches by 24 inches.

Continuous hot water

If your home uses a traditional water heater, the hot water can run out since all the hot water supply for your household is stored in the tank. But this is not the case when you use a tankless unit. Hot water is there only when you need it for as long as it’s needed. In other words, you can have endless hot water.

Cost effective

Another perk of this type of water heater is that it can save you money on energy costs. Since you get hot water when you need it, you don’t have to pay for maintaining the temperature of water as you would when using a standard tank water heater.

Less upkeep

Unlike standard water tanks that entail at least yearly maintenance, tankless water heaters only require minimal upkeep. Amazingly, these tanks can continue to function for as long as four to five years before they need any maintenance. Just keep in mind that the amount of maintenance needed can depend on your water supply quality.


Because you don’t have a tank to fill, you don’t have to worry about a leak. Furthermore, since the exhaust veins and the air supply are sealed, there’s no carbon monoxide that can leak into your home because of backdrafting.

Longer lifespan

If you want your water heater to last longer, then consider a tankless unit. These water heaters can last from five to ten years longer than a traditional water heater. What’s more, they can even be good for as long as 20 years, provided they’re properly maintained.


There are a wide range of options, regarding tankless or on-demand water heaters. However, your choice can depend on factors, such as your hot water capacity requirements as well as your available utilities (electric or gas). Your budget is another factor to consider.

There are whole house water heaters that service the kitchen and all the bathrooms in a home. There are also point-of-use water heaters, which are ideal for bathroom additions.


  • Consider flow rate, which means the water that’s measured in GPM (gallons per minute). In order to size a tankless water heater, you must determine both the flow rate and the temperature rise that’s required for its application.
  • Consider if you need a whole house unit or only a bathroom or remote application.
  • Consider the number of people in your household—For only one to two people, a small 50–60-gallon storage tank if sufficient. However, for three to four people, you’ll need a medium (80 gallon) storage tank. A large tank is needed for a household of four to six people.


An electrician and a plumber are needed for installing electrical service for any type of electric tankless on demand water heater. Most older homes don’t have the available circuitry for meeting the electrical current demand required for a modern hot water heater. However, this is a simple upgrade for a professional electrical company.


Do you need to save electricity and water? Then, consider upgrading your water heater to a tankless on-demand electrical water heater. At Penny Electric, we have vast experience of installing electrical service for tankless on-demand water heaters. For more information on how we can help you, contact us