Electricity is among the biggest hazards in your home, particularly if you have pets. Just like the kids, pets don’t understand the threat posed by outlets, cables and electrical gadgets around the house. As pets are naturally curious, they may start to play or chew on your electrical appliances which may cause fire or shock hazard leading to harm. Fortunately, there are proactive and straightforward steps you can take to protect your pets.

Here are some six ways on how to protect your pets from electrical hazards:

1. Keep Power Cables Out of Sight

Electrical cords, especially those hanging off the edge of tables or countertops, pose a sizable threat to pets who are prone to playing or chewing them with their pawns. Their playful behavior may lead to shock, burns or electrocution, so it is good that you keep the wires out of their sight.

If you are unable to properly hide them, pet-proof them with plastic tubing or piping. Again, proper organization of the wires dramatically helps to ensure that they are not left hanging off. Here are some ideas on how to best organize your electricals to make that part of life a bit easier to deal with.

2. Don’t Leave Electrical Appliances Unattended

It is easy to quickly forget to turn off lamps, fans or heaters when not in use. However, leaving them connected to the source of power can be quite dangerous for your pet, especially if you are not at home. Turning them off or unplugging them helps to keep you safe as well as save you the money you could have used to replace the damaged appliances.

3. Be Wary of Water

Electricity and water don’t mix, so it is good that you be cautious about leaving electricals close to bathtubs or sinks or any other place where water is used frequently. Additionally, always ensure that there is fresh water for your pets, to minimize their risk of going to look for water around the house. You wouldn’t want to change your TV because your pet stuck its head into the water can on the shelf above it!

4. Train Your Pet

This tip mostly applies to pets such as dogs and cats who have free access inside your home. Training them to avoid specific areas dramatically helps to boost their safety. As cats respond negatively, you can keep them away from your electricals by spraying the space with bitter agents. Since dogs, on the other hand, respond positively, you may set up simulations where you, for instance, you put them near a cord and then treat them afterwards. Eventually, they will learn to stay away from the cables.

5. Properly Fence the Yard

Pets might want to go and play outside, which can be dangerous if caution is not taken. Properly fencing the yard helps to keep them away from landscape lighting, electrical heaters among other hazardous electrical appliances.

6. Invest in an Updated/Code-Compliant Electrical Infrastructure

Investing in an updated or code-compliant electrical infrastructure goes a long way into ensuring the safety of your pets, yourself as well as your family members. Regular checking of all your electrical appliances allows you to know the one that is not working correctly so that they can be updated to work as they should.

In a nutshell, properly managing your house and pets well helps to minimize the danger that electrical power poses to them. To learn more about how to make your home safer for your pets with an updated electrical infrastructure, give Penny Electric a call for a free quote today. We will be more than glad to help you.